BYTE 2009 Breakout Sessions

Time Slot 4
Late Afternoon: 2:10 - 3:10

Session # 4A - Comic Life (See you in the funny papers)
Presented by: Ron Nordstrom

Storytelling with Comics
Comic Life is now available for Windows. (originally Mac only) Download trial version here. Good for 40 days, then you must buy.
  1. Hatchet Sample (Hatchet.pdf)
  2. Goldilocks Sample (.Goldilocks.pdf)
  3. Ideas for Comic Life (Ideas for using comic life.pdf)
  4. Great Moments in the 20th Century (Great moments.pdf)
  5. Ideas for Comic Life (Word) Ideas for Comic Life.doc

Links to online Comic Tools from Alan Levine's site 1. gnomz 2. ComicsSketch 3. Toondoo 4. Kerpoof 5. Bubblr 6. Comiqs 7. PikiStrips

Session # 4B - Google Apps Education Edition
Presented by: Shawn Kleebaum

Google Site: Google Apps Education

Session # 4C - 3D Modelling with Google SketchUp
Presented by: Cheryl Robinson

Download Google Sketchup7

Workshop Outline
Workshop Handout

Session # 3D&4D - Geocaching in your Classroom *Double Session*
Presented by: Steven Hills & Greg Lewis

Session # 4E - Mashup
Presented by: Kent Schiltroth

Session # 3F&4F - Wikis in Education *Double Session*
Presented by: John Evans

Session # 4G - iTunes and iTunes Store - Yes, it does have educational uses!
Presented by: Mike Nantais

This presentation (and more) on a wiki: iTunes & iTunes Store in Education

Session # 4H - SMART Board Use in the Middle Years Classroom
Presented by: Whitney Stone

Session # 3I&4I - Yummy Assessment: It’s for/as/of Learning! *Double Session*
Presented by: Debra Parker

Session # 4J - Scratch: Create Animated Projects Using Innovative Software
Presented by: Janis Williams

Scratch for Educators
Scratch Resources

Session # 3K&4K - Student Collaboration & Learning Using the Communication Tools in Blackboard *Double Session*
Presented by: Donald Girouard

See Time Slot 3 for the files and links related to this session.

Session # 4L - Blogging for Little Fingers
Presented by: Janet Martin

Session # 4M - Personal Safety
Presented by: Brent McCrae

Session # 4N - Meet "Marvin" - 3D animation for the Rest of Us
Presented by: Michelle Lee

Session # 4O - Copyright and Creative Commons
Presented by: John Finch
Creative Commons
Literacy with ICT Copyright Wiki

Session # 4P - Grade 2 LwICT Assessment and Evaluation
Presented by: Rob McDonald

Session # 4Q - Gaming in Education
Presented by: Andy McKiel

Examples of simple web-based strategy games:
Lemonade Stand - Fantastic Contraption - Energyville - Sustainability Themed Games

Video Game Design & Collaboration:
MyGame - Scratch - Atmosphir

Session # 4R - First Class Web Publishing
Presented by: Theresa Payette


Please find the tutorial below that I have created for your use. Hopefully this tutorial will make creating your First Class Web Page that much easier!

external image pdf.pngFirst Class Web Publishing Made Easy Tutorial

Session # 4S - Ideas, Artifacts and ICT
Presented by: Richard Igimundson


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