BYTE 2009 Breakout Sessions

Time Slot 3
Early Afternoon: 1:00 - 2:00

Session # 3A - DEL.ICIO.US - Social Bookmarking for Teachers
Presented by: Nora Heschuk

My bookmarks on Delicious.

  1. Video: Social Bookmarking on Delicious:
  2. 7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking
  3. Explanation on the Delicious website:
  4. Help page on Delicious:
Presentation: “I Like Delicious Things: An Introduction to Tagging and Folksonomies" by Chris Betcher Sydney, Australia

Session # 3B - Technology Teaching Tips
Presented by: Jodi Hrymak

Jodi's RRSD Wiki link

Session # 3C - Let’s Hear It
Presented by: Kathy Spangler

Download Audacity -
Download Lame Encoder -
Let's Hear It!.pdf

Session # 3D&4D - Geocaching in your Classroom *Double Session*
Presented by: Steven Hills & Greg Lewis

Session # 3E - Get Creative with Stickman
Presented by: Kent Schiltroth

Session # 3F&4F - Wikis in Education *Double Session*
Presented by: John Evans

Wikis in Education

Session # 3G - Integrating ICT in Senior Years Science Courses
Presented by: Coleen McKellar

Session # 3H - From Tuned Out to Zuned In: Exceptional Technology for Exceptional Students
Presented by: Devon Caldwell & Leah Hunter

Session # 3I&4I - Yummy Assessment: It’s for/as/of Learning! *Double Session*
Presented by: Debra Parker
BYTE2009 Yummy Delicious Links

Session # 3J - Adventures in 2D Animation
Presented by: Janis Williams

"Animando" - Marcos Magalhaes
Flipbook video
Thaumatrope video
Education. Animoto
Pivot Stickman Animator
The Art of Storyboarding
TILT video on animations with PowerPoint
Scratch Support
Sqirlz Morph
Stop Motion tutorial.pdf


Session # 3K&4K - Student Collaboration & Learning Using the Communication Tools in Blackboard *Double Session*
Presented by: Donald Girouard

First Steps for new Blackboard/WebCT users -- Accessing_WBC (pdf)
WBC Request System
Blackboard/WebCT System
Blackboard/WebCT Complete Guide - 3.5 MB(pdf)
Multiple_Uses_for_WBC (pdf)
Links to WBC Gov. Resources

Literacy with ICT Continuum

Session # 3L - Student Portfolios - The Purpose, the Process, the Product
Presented by: Cathy McLaren

Session # 3M - Online Dangers: Reality vs. Perception
Presented by: John Finch
Google Presentation

Session # 3N - Cell Phones for Learning and Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum
Presented by: Rob Fisher

Cellphones for learning

Session # 3O - Validating Information on the Web
Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko, MECY Consultant, LwICT

The following document contains information that will be addressed during this session.


Session # 3P - ePEARL Level 2 for Grade 4
Presented by: Janet Martin

Session # 3Q - The How and Why of Podcasting
Presented by: Andy McKiel

7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting:

Check out the wide range of pod'catch'ing software that is available...

Audio Recording & Editing Software:


Free podcast hosting services:
Podbean.png Podomatic.png Switchpod.png Odeo.png

Session # 3S - What Would IT Look Like? - Considerations for ICT in Your Classroom
Presented by: Richard Igimundson


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