BYTE 2009 Breakout Sessions

Time Slot 2
Late Morning: 11:25 - 12:25

Session # 2A - Web 2.0 Applications for the Classroom
Presented by: Ron Nordstrom

1. 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story - by Alan Levine

Session # 1B&2B - The Wonderful World of Wikis *Double Session*
Presented by: Shawn Kleebaum & Mike Nantais

Google site: Take a BYTE out of the Wonderful World of Wikis

Session # 2C - How To Edit & Use Digital Images
Presented by: Kathy Spangler
Free Software Downloads
PhotoFiltre -
Paint.Net -
Picasa -
Images - Creative Commons

Session # 2D - Video Tutorials Made Easy
Presented by: Cheryl Robinson

Download Camstudio 2.0
Download Camstudio Codec
Download CamStudio HELP File
Free Video Converter - Prism Video Converter (avi to wmv, flv, mp4, etc.)
Free Online Video Downloader - FlashLynx
Free Flash Player - FLVPlayer4Free 3.2

Links to

Session # 2E - Digital Video How-to
Presented by: Bill Wynn
1. Microsoft's Movie Maker How To Links
2. Movie Maker handout2009.doc
3. BYTE2010 Script.doc

4. Permission for Teacher Videoclip SamplesBYTE'09.doc

5. BYTE 2009 ThankYou Presentation.pptm

Session # 2F - Social Bookmarking with Diigo
Presented by: John Evans

The information for this presentation can be found here.

Session # 2G - Using Your SMART Board and Notebook Software in the Middle Years Classroom
Presented by: Tracy Kingdon contact me:

Sample General Ideas:
1. This can be used to introduce the students to your Smart Board, first thing in the am.
2.Create a class game based on any subject.
3.Create a review for the class using this template.
4. A cool timer for your Smart Board.
5. A "Hat" to draw names out radomly.
6. Tarsia Free Download Create puzzles to review for any subject.
7. Password Vocabulary Review
8. Fun with pictures
9. More fun with pictures!

Language Arts Ideas:

Math Ideas:


Science Ideas:

Session # 1H&2H - GIS/GPS for the Classroom Teacher *Double Session*
Presented by: Whitney Stone

Session # 2I - Enhance Your ELA Classroom with Technology *Double Session*
Presented by: Janis Williams

Session # 2K - The Amazing Fisher Branch Race - Using Technology to Create an Orienteering Course
Presented by: Amanda Percival-Bouchard

Session # 2L - Using the Inquiry Approach to Integrate the Technology Curriculum for Senior Years
Presented by: Shawn Lindal

Session # 2M - Assessing Middle Years Literacy with ICT
Presented by: John Finch
Literacy with ICT Assessment Site
Emerging Learner
Developing Learner
Transitioning Learner
Expanding Learner

Session # 2N - The New Standards of Cheating? Plagiarism in a Digital World
Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko, MECY Consultant, LwICT

The following file contains information that will be addressed in this session.


Session # 2O - Geography Instructional Strategy using ArcView (ArcGIS) 9
Presented by: Rob Langston & Al Friesen

Session # 2P - Using Interactive Response Systems in the Classroom
Presented by: Jodi Hrymak

Jodi's Wiki at RRSD-click here

Session # 2Q - Online Pedagogy and Increasing Student Success in a Web-based Course
Presented by: Howard Griffith & Donald Girouard

Web Based Learning In Manitoba.pdf - diagram
Students and OnLine Learning_Questions.doc

Pedagogy of Online Learning (pdf)
Student Feedback on WBC 2002.pdf
Supporting Learning.pdf
Renewal of WBCs.pdf

Educating For Human Greatness.pdf

Session # 2R - Partners in Learning
Presented by: Norm Lee


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