BYTE 2009 Breakout Sessions

Time Slot 1
Early Morning: 10:15 - 11:15

Session # 1A - Electronic Scrapbooking - Applications for the Classroom
Presented by: Ron Nordstrom
  1. Mixbook - create and share an online book. Order print copies. Sign up for free account.
  2. - Download software to create a photo and text book. Order print copies.
  3. Picaboo - Download software to create a book. Order print copies.
  4. - Download software to make your own photobook and order inexpensive copies
  5. Scrapblog - Online scrapbook you can share or send to your friends.
  6. escrapbooking - E stands for educational, experiential, engaging, expressions. Find all the ways to engage students with different kinds of electronic scrapbooking tools.
  7. SnapJot - Digital scrapbooking. Collaborative approach.
  8. Shutterfly - Create books, cards, calendars, etc.
  9. My Publisher - Download software then creat books and other items.
  10. Smilebox - Online scrapbook you can blog, email or print.

  1. Sample 1 - Autobiography
  2. Sample 2 - Geography of Canada
  3. Sample 3 - Path of blood in the body

Session # 1B & 2B - The Wonderful World of Wikis *Double Session*
Presented by: Shawn Kleebaum & Mike Nantais

Google site: Take a BYTE out of the Wonderful World of Wikis

Session # 1C - How To Edit & Use Digital Images
Presented by: Kathy Spangler

Free Software DownloadsPhotoFiltre - - -
Images - Creative Commons

Session # 1D - Models for Senior Years ICT Curriculum Implementation: Challenges and Solutions
Presented by: Debra Parker & Howard Griffith

Session # 1E - Eric Carle Look-a-Likes
Presented by: Glenda MacPhee
These picture stories were created by students in grade one using Paint and SMART Notebook simultaneously. If we can do it anyone at other grades can too. It's fun, stretches creativity and opens up many other possibilities.
1. - Our practice run
2. - Our finished product
3. - The "how-to" version.

Session # 1F - Flickr Toys and More K-12
Presented by: John Evans
The information for this session is based from this wiki page.

Using Digital Images in the Classroom: Flickr Toys and More

Session # 1G - Create a Digital Story in 5 Easy Steps Using Photo Story 3
Presented by: Clarke Hagan
1. **Photo Story How-To Guide**
2. Student Examples (K-3) - **Macaroni Penguin.wmv**, **Adelie Penguin.wmv**

Session # 1H&2H - GIS/GPS for the Classroom Teacher *Double Session*
Presented by: Whitney Stone

Arcview Lesson: Aboriginal Reserves in Canada
Arcview Lesson: Transportation/Roads Map of MB
Arcview Lesson: Ecozones of Canada

ESRI Canada :
Manitoba Education GIS initiative:

Session # 1I - Enhance Your ELA Classroom with Technology *Double Session*
Presented by: Janis Williams

Google Docs
Tiny URL
Tiny Chat
T-rrific T-Shirt.pdf
PowerPoint and Google Tips.pdf
Acrostic with a Twist.pdf
Picture Postcards.pdf
Pizza Glyph.pdf
Riddle Flipper.pdf
Categories Corners.pdf
Two Minute Challenge.pdf
I Would Like to Invent.pdf
Inspiration to PowerPoint.pdf
Greeting Card.pdf

Session # 1J - Focused Observation of Student Learning in Literacy with ICT
Presented by: Michelle Larose-Kuzenko, MECY Consultant, LwICT

The following file is an overview of Focused Observation. The principles of this session are found there.


Session # 1K - Using ePEARL with the Grade 11 & 12 Physical/Health Education Course
Presented by: Amanda Percival-Bouchard

Session # 1L - Mathletics
Presented by: Nora Heschuk

The World Math Day site is up and running! If you would like to
give your students "a taste" of Mathletics (and lots of practice with their Math facts), log them in right away!!World Math Day is FREE! Students can practice right up until World Math Day on March 4. (Last year my students were able to continue using Mathletics until the end of June...hopefully they will do the same again this year so that you can really see if it would fit into your Math program!)
Here is a teacher guide in .pdf format with more information about World Math Day as well as instruction on how to sign up your students.
World Math Day

Session # 1M - Technology-Infused Classroom Activities
Presented by: Andrea Robinson

You can access all the files that I will be sharing by going to my school webpage (, and clicking on the BYTE link at the top.

Session # 1N - ePEARL Level 1 in a K-2 Classroom
Presented by: Rob McDonald

Session # 1O - Migrating from ArcView 3.x to ArcView (Arc GIS) 9.x
Presented by: Rob Langston & Al Friesen

Session # 1P - Just Enough, Just in Time: Mentoring Teachers in Technology Infusion
Presented by: Devon Caldwell

Session # 1Q - Resurrecting PowerPoint: Moving Toward Non-Linear Presentations
Presented by: Andy McKiel

PowerPoint in the Classroom
Internet 4 Classrooms - PowerPoint Resources

- an example of a non-linear PowerPoint presentation...

- examples of 2-D animations created using PowerPoint...

- an example of a PowerPoint 'virtual tour'...

Prezi - we've all heard of 'death by PowerPoint' - what will this new tool mean for the future of PowerPoint?

Session # 1R - Personal Safety
Presented by: Brent McCrae

Session # 1S - ePEARL at Grade 3 & 4
Presented by: Jodi Hrymak


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