Andy_McKiel.pngRealize The Potential: Emerging Literacies in the 21st Century ClassroomKeynote Presenter: Andy McKiel
What role does literacy play in your classroom? As a teacher, are you effectively preparing your students to become literate adults in a global society? As educators, we must strive to engage all 21st century learners and, to accomplish this goal, we must open our eyes to the possibilities that exist by focusing on the development of emerging literacy skills. Our concept of what it means to be ‘literate’ must evolve to reflect the growing demands that technology is placing upon the value of participating in more highly connected communities of learners. Find out how you can truly engage your students by embracing the power of collaboration in your classroom. Provide your students with the ability to communicate their own learning, and facilitate the sharing of their authentic work.

To download the audio from the 2009 BYTE Keynote:
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